Dan Krejci has been here for 9 years. Even though he prefers Basil Hayden on the rocks, he never says "no" to a shot of Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey.

KC, affectionately known as Birdhaus for his undeniable resemblance to your favorite wood shop teacher, he is now your favorite bartender. Come on down and have him build you a sturdy drink.

Warren O'Dell, aka Manbaby, has been creating good times in Boise for many years. He can also be seen at Hyde Park Pub and Bar Gernika when he's not sipping on a Tyrconnel Single Malt Whiskey.

How did we manage to get the best bartender in Boise to work for us…pure luck! There is a reason why he has the nickname Happy, his magical mixology and entertaining demeanor can make the whole world smile, if not chuckle a bit. Even though he has commitments to bartend at Tamarack for the season, he will be with us when he is not there…we have upped our par level on Rumplemintz while he is here.


Tenth Street Station’s newest addition, Costello has been bar tending around Boise for 10+ years. Though she is a full time pathology-assistant student at the Coroner's office, and Vampire extraordinaire at West Valley Medical (so, never question her on her Bloody Marys), Costello never turns down the chance to pick up a shift, or hold a coaster coloring contest while you watch Jeopardy.

We must have one Hell of a positive balance in our karma account to be able to get Becky as our newest daytime bartender. Whether she is whipping up you some fabulous grub at Bar Gernika or concocting a libation at Tenth Street Station, she is a pure joy to have as a part of our family. Come on down and let her brighten your day and lift your spirits.


In her 20+ years of working at Tenth Street Station Trish can tell you some doozies of stories about the history of the bar and the people who have come and gone and came back. The queen bee of our subterranean hive, let it be known, she was drinking White Russians long before The Big Lebowski made them cool!

If you ever want to know what gives our bar it’s relaxing and laid back vibe, Maggie is the reason why. She is the safe port in all of our drunken storms. The positive energy she exudes is what makes her service such a pleasurable experience and why she is always in high demand among our regular customers. Even though her go to drink is Maker’s Mark on the rock, rumor has it that she has been enjoying the Crabbie’s Ginger Beer lately.

When she is not creating chic coiffures, not hanging out with her pooch, Uno, or relaxing with a Ketel One and Soda with lime, you can always catch Kelly gracefully floating like a butterfly through the chairs and tables of Tenth Street Station delivering your thirst-quenching and stress-relieving libations.

Jodi's the new kid in town and everybody loves her.  Even her old friends treat her like she’s something new, so all you hopeless romantics and restless hearts watch out. Her fresh face and bubbly attitude will swoon you into a memorable drunken reverie. As the latest addition to our staff all we know is she loves the PBR!.